#2 NiKon F-301

I bought this one in 1989.


Nikon F-301


  Pentax ME Super


Penta ME Super

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Why a Spotmatic?

We might say that it all began with it. I was about five, we are talking 1966. My uncle Jorge Sá Dantas came back from Angola, an old portuguese colony, where he served in the army and brought a Pentax Spotmatic, with several lenses, filters and other accesories, everything neatly tucked in a Pentax dedicated black leather case. 

It was the first SLR that I had in my hands, in that moment I decided, this is the type of camera that I'm going to have when I grow up.

In a matter of fact, my first SLR was a Zenit E, and afterwards a few Nikons. 

It took me about forty years to get a Spotmatic, this beautiful black example, it was a gift from my parents for my 49th birthday. 



Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP